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Mission Statement

We seek to contribute to teaching-learning practices by creating and publishing educational materials and assessment tools of the highest quality and innovation to provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in examinations and fulfil their individual potential.

A Few Words About Us

Since its inception in 1984, Casco Publications Pte Ltd has grown to become one of Singapore‚Äôs leading home-grown educational publishers providing valuable educational resources to the school community. Our mission is to converged on attention to detail and understand individual needs in order to provide teachers, parents and learners with practical, creative and engaging supplementary educational materials and assessment tools that support and enrich the core curriculum.

To do this, we create books that address the challenges that confront our pupils daily in their classroom learning. Our books are therefore based on valid and current content to enhance exam preparation, proficiency and performance.

Our titles are written by experienced and well qualified teaching professionals who are experts in their fields, writing about what they know best to support the practices of other teachers through books. Being practitioners themselves, they ensure that their books can cater for the precise needs of teachers and make them very appropriate for classroom use.

Our Achievements

Through the years, Casco has built a close and strong rapport with booksellers,
schools and colleges in the region, meeting the specific needs of many academic
institutions, teachers and students. Casco continues to look for reliable and
responsible booksellers and distributors to produce and provide an even more
extensive range of academic materials for our customers.

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