Building Up Thematic Phrases
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Primary 5 English

Building Up Thematic Phrases
Primary 5 English
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Building Up Thematic Phrases
This series is invaluable to the mastery of words and phrases necessary for pupils to do well in the vocabulary sections and the composition component of the English Examination. Each book in the series contains 40 topics pertaining and applicable to the MOE syllabus. A list of 50 words, phrases, idioms and proverbs have been meticulously selected for each topic. Clear and concise explanations help pupils understand the meaning of the words and phrases. Explanations are followed by sentences illustrating the words and phrases.

In order to help facilitate pupils' grasp of the usage of the words and phrases and to reinforce the understanding of their meanings, these sentences have been carefully crafted based on situations and contexts which pupils are familiar with.
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ISBN: 9789814257480
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