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Primary 1 English

How to Score English Oral & Model Compositions P1
Primary 1 English
Primary 1 English Primary 1 English Primary 1 English Primary 1 English
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How to Score English Oral & Model Compositions P1
The oral communication segment of the English examination consisting of Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation is often neglected in the bid to help students excel in more needful or more important sections. It is little wonder that students are ill-prepared for their oral examination. In the worst scenario, many students may be clueless about how to go about preparing for the examination. New format in the PSLE english examination - Stimulus-based Conversation will replace the Picture Discussion and Conversation components of old.

This book is written as a practical guide for students who will be sitting for the revised English Language examinations in school and at the PSLE. We have twinned oral and composition on the premise that speaking(Oral) and writing (Compostition) are not isolated skills. Central to examination preparation for the oral and composition components is the ability to turn thoughts and ideas into spoken and written words. Therefore, we have designed this series to be chock-full of questions, model answers, essential vocabulary and useful phrases. 
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ISBN: 9789814564151
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