Phrases for Sensational Writing 6
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Primary 6 English

Phrases for Sensational Writing 6
Primary 6 English
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Phrases for Sensational Writing 1

This series aims to help students write creatively in composition writing. Writing compositions with the use of the 5 senses adds depth to student's work. It equips students for the examinations by building up a brilliant vocabulary list. The learning is a gradual process that spans from Book 1 to 6. For comprehensive learning, it is recommended that students follow the learning curve from Book 1 to 6.

The topics and phrases from the 5 senses in this book have been formulated after careful analysis of what students need to excel in PSLE compositions. A picture is not two-dimensional; it is continuously evolving, just like watching a movie. Hence, this book hopes to empower students to use not just their eyes but also to appreciate a picture with their ears, sense of touch, taste and smell. This series teaches students how to breathe life into a picture with their writing. Contextual paragraphs are also provided to illustrate the usage of the 5 senses phrases.
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