How to Score Cloze Passage 4
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Primary 4 English

How to Score Cloze Passage 4
Primary 4 English
Primary 4 English Primary 4 English Primary 4 English
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How to Score Cloze Passage 4
The cloze passage is actually a well-known teaching strategy for developing language skills. The deletion of certain content words, as well as some structural words, enables the teacher to test the student's ability to complete the passage based on his/her grammatical and vocabulary knowledge, and shows whether the student actually comprehends what he/she reads. It is therefore a very useful tool for teachers, and certainly an essential part of the examination paper.

This book gives the student as much guidance as possible to help him/her tackle the cloze passage. It will look at what goes into the blanks in a typical cloze passage-namely, grammar components and vocabulary and how to be prepared to fill them in.
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