Classroom Maths Problem Sums 1
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Primary 1 Mathematics

Classroom Maths Problem Sums 1
Primary 1 Mathematics
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Classroom Maths Problem Sums 1

Each topic comes with specially selected examples and well-illustrated worked solutions. Graded practices then follow with questions that can be solved by using the strategies mapped out in the examples. Each practice serves as a diagnostic test that helps pupils gauge their level of competency. Memorising methods and strategies hold little value in today's learning experience. Therefore, the design of this series is such that it helps develop thinking skills and promotes that exploration of new and uncharted problem-solving strategies among its users. Pupils who use this book will be guided at a manageable pace to understand how each mathematical problem is solved, thus stimulating and reinforcing learning. This book will inject the much needed confidence in pupils, shoring up their ability to score A*s in examinations.

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ISBN: 9789814202466
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