Science Questions & Answers 6
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Primary 6 Science

Science Questions & Answers 6
Primary 6 Science
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Science Questions & Answers 6

You will be able to find answers to many Science questions in this book. This book serves as a good reference guide for pupils, teachers and parents. It is comprehensive enough to provide an in-depth look at each topic covered in the latest Upper Block Science syllabus drawn up by the Ministry of Education (Singapore). Further reading materials are included in each topic to stimulate the student's curiosity and interest, as well as illustrate the applicaton of scientific concepts beyond the classroom.

For easy reading, the book is divided into 2 main themes: Energy and Interactions. The themes are further divided into the topics covered in the textbook. Interesting questions are answered within each topic. At the end of each question, a checklist of vital concepts which should be picked up by the pupils is provided. 

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ISBN: 9789814326018
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