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O level English

O Level Dynamic English
O level  English
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O Level Dynamic English
This book is written according to the requirements of the CIE (University of Cambridge International Examination Board), is specially designed with the intention of helping students develop a clear understanding of the comprehension passages so that they can efficiently and sufficiently answer the questions asked on knowledge, descriptive, inferential, analytical, opinionated, vocabulary and summary wrting skills.

The passages are written in a number of voices, covering factual articles, opinion pieces and fiction in order to expose the student to the proper contextual usage of English. To help maintain the student's interest, the passages also cover a wide range of topics such as Science, History, Geography, Literature, Sociology, Food, Current Affairs and the Animal Kingdom. This book will not only help students prepare well for examinations but broaden their knowledge and horizon through exposure to the facts and fiction contained in the passages which have been carefully crafted out and written through personal experiences and a wide reading culture. 
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ISBN: 9789814326315
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