Secondary 1 Power Vocabulary
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Secondary 1 English

Secondary 1 Power Vocabulary
Secondary 1 English
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Secondary 1 Power Vocabulary

This series is targeted at enhancing and expanding the vocabulary and general knowledge of the student.

  • Vocabulary Enhancement
    Vocabulary words are structured such that students are able to learn through the use of synonyms and from contextual usage. By learning through synonyms of words, the student's word bank will instantly be maximised in a simple yet effective manner.
  • Contextual Learning
    The use of thematic contextual passages enables students to learn more in depth into a certain topic. This aids students not just in expanding their vocabulary but also that of general knowledge. Information and knowledge are presented in concise sections to allow easy understanding and absorption of information.
  • Exam-oriented Topics of Interest
    The thematic approach in the expansion of vocabulary and knowledge also benefits students in their preparation for the English examination. It helps them better understand comprehension passages and enables them to tackle composition writing more effectively. Oral presentation skills will also be enhanced by the expanded range of topics of interest covered in this book.

More than just a vocabulary or guidebook, the Power Vocabulary series is a handy tool essential in exam preparation. Journey with this book into the world of expressive language and bountiful knowledge.

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