Secondary 1 Geography: A Comprehensive Study Guide
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Secondary 1 Geography

Secondary 1 Geography: A Comprehensive Study Guide
Secondary 1 Geography
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Secondary 1 Geography: A Comprehensive Study Guide

A comprehensive study guide for Secondary 1 is specially designed with the intention of helping Secondary 1 students who are studying Geography for the first time, to have a good grasp of key geographical concepts. 

It is written in point form and simple language that is easy to understand. The content and explanations are presented in table form to make it easy for students to grasp. The topics written are based on the 2014 Geography syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. This book consists of content, Geographical investigations and skills are is categories by theme and key questions. 

A Comprehensive study guide for Secondary 1 will not only help students prepare well for examinations but will instill in them a love for Geography. It provides them with a foundation for geography learning up to upper secondary level. It also helps students develop skills in acquiring, communicating and applying geographical knowledge in line with 21st Century competencies and to develop a concern for the environment which is crucial for environmental sustainability for the betterment of mankind. 

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