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Primary 3 English

Primary 3 English Oral: Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation Essential Guide
Primary 3 English
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Primary 3 English Oral: Reading Aloud and Stimulus-based Conversation Essential Guide 
This book is specially designed to help pupils prepare for the reading and graphic stimulus components of the Primary English Language oral examination. There are 22 units arranged in a thematic flow with topics eliciting views from personal experiences, e.g. My Family and Hobbies, to the exploration of the larger environment, e.g. Sights of the World.
The reading component is especially designed for parents and educators to help their child prepare for the Reading Aloud component: Exercises based on the reading text is also given to help students learn the meaning and usage of new words, and enhance comprehension of the text.
The Stimulus-based Conversation component is designed with a structure to assist students:
  • Conversational prompts are included for eliciting responses from the pupil
  • 6 pictures or a single picture as a guide to prompt pupils on the conversation topic
  • A structure of “Point”, “Reason” and “Example” is given to model conversational responses
  • Not all prompts require examples
  • A list of helping words is included to activate prior knowledge of the topic given
We trust that this guide will help students ace their oral examination. 
Product Code: 3EO
ISBN: 9789814564649
Weight: 410.00g
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