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O level Mathematics

O Level Additional Mathematics Topical Guide
O level  Mathematics
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O Level Additional Mathematics Topical Guide

This book is specially designed for students who are preparing for the G.C.E “O” Level examinations in Additional Mathematics. It is a comprehensive study guide that is written in accordance to the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education.
Througout the book, special effort has been made to explain in detail the key concepts and theories in Additional Mathematics, thus enabling students to study independently and effectively. Different approaches and varied problem solving techniques are introduced in order to present the important concepts clearly to facilitate the better understanding go the students.
There is a total of 16 chapters in this book.
Each chapter includes:
  • Summarised notes that introduce the chapter
  • Detailed lists of the relevant concepts and formulae
  • Related work examples
    • Presented at different levels of difficulty
    • With “hints” and “remarks” inserted along the way for better understanding of the working steps
    • Explanation of key ideas and reasoning
    • Illustrated methods of answer presentation
    • The use of graphs and diagrams wherever possible
    • The use of correct units
  • Practice Questions
    • Questions after each section
    • Miscellaneous equation where relevant for a chapter review
  • Detailed answers to practice questions
    • Students are encouraged to try the Questions first
Since the layout of this book is similar to that of the textbook, students should be able to use this book with ease and find it to be a companion, that would reinforce the concepts they are weak in, and eventually enable them to achieve success in the study of Additional Mathematics. 
Product Code: AMTG
ISBN: 9789814564946
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