O Level Mathematics Topical Guide
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O level Mathematics

O Level Mathematics Topical Guide
O level  Mathematics
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O Level Mathematics Topical Guide

Progressive Learning in O level Mathematics is a series of four books specially written for students taking the O Level Mathematics Syllabus 4048. It is essential for students to acquire and apply mathematical concepts and skills for progressive learning and to support learning in other subjects as well. When students develop thie cognitive and metacognitive skills through mathematical problem solving, they would be able to achieve a desirable level of mastery in mathematical concepts. This would progressively build their confidence and foster interest in the subject. In addition, application and modelling connect concepts to rreal-world situations. Through mathematical modelling, students solve problems in real-world contexts and reflect on the solution before intepreting it.

In this book, Topics 1 to 5 are classified into individual lessons to cater to the learning needs of the students at the respective level. A handy and comprehensive guide to complement the learning of mathematical concepts, each topic comprises the following features:
  • Concise Summary Notes are used to highlight important procedures, concepts, rules and formulae to aid learning.
  • Detailed Worked Examples in each lesson are included to show the application of mathematical concepts and formulae learnt.
  • An array of Practice Questions in each lesson is given to provide opportunities to practice and apply the mathematical concepts and skills for progressive learning.
  • To consolidate and extend student’s learning, at the end of each topic, the questions in the Review Corner are arranged into three levels of difficulty. Beginner Level questions reinforce the basic concepts and ensure students’ foundation is put in place. Intermediate Level questions raise student’s confidence progressively and prepare students for summative assessments. Advanced Level questions aim to challenge students to stretch beyond their problem solving abilities.
  • Appropriate Teacher’s Comments, Notes and Tips are incorporated as timely reminders of important pointers and to provide a more concise explanation of worked solutions.
  • To conclude a topic, the Checklist for My Learning Outcomes is presented to help students examine the progress of their learning and understanding of that topic.
  • Detailed Worked Solutions to every question are provided as a useful resource tool for students to make reference to their own solutions.
Topic 6 is a bonus chapter specially written to incorporate other mathematical Problems in Real-World Contexts. This is to enable students to connect and apply the concepts that they have learnt, to real-world situations. Topics 7 to 9 are compilations of topical revision questions according to the context strands. Two sets of Preliminary Examination Specimen Papers are crafted to assess students’ readiness of the school examinations.
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