Secondary 1 English Language Comprehension
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Secondary 1 English

Secondary 1 English Language Comprehension
Secondary 1 English
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Secondary 1 English Language Comprehension

Both Comprehension and Cloze Texts as well as Graphic Organisers, Graphic Stimuli, Texts for Sequencing, Texts for Editing, Texts for Note-Taking, Notes Splash and Word Splash together with the questions asked have been written and designed in such a manner that they use the English Language for the following purposes:
  • expressing oneself and interacting with others
  • telling stories
  • giving instructions and directions
  • reviewing and evaluating
  • persuading others
  • describing and giving factual accounts
  • appreciating different personalities
  • acquiring a wide range of information and ideas
  • editing
  • sequencing
  • consolidating ideas
The texts cover a wide range of topics from the Arts to the present Digital Age with the aim of giving students exposure on current and future issues in the increasingly connected and globalised world.

We are confident that this assessment book will equip students with the skills and abilities to: (a) listen, read and view issues critically and with accuracy; (b) speak, write and represent in the English Language creatively and fluently; and (c) understand and use the English Language grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately to enhance meaningful communication.

It is our sincere hope that this assessment book would bring immeasurable benefits to all users.
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