Zoom In Phrases for PSLE Creative Writing
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Primary 6 English

Zoom In Phrases for PSLE Creative Writing
Primary 6 English
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Zoom In Phrases for PSLE Creative Writing 

Every composition is incomplete without the perfect phrase to spice it up.
From the standpoint of the student, it makes great sense to produce ‘a work of art’ by introducing creative phrases that differentiate his composition from others. From the viewpoint of the teacher, a composition filled with beautiful, poetic words to depict the writer’s feelings at the time of writing, to portray the characters in the story. As well as to paint the background for the story, is definitely much better than one which is plain and uninteresting, and leaves much to the imagination.
This book is a collection of possible examination composition questions, complete with model compositions different from others. The phrases range from simple words put together to idioms and phrasal verbs. More often than not, they are simply a play on words, (or a rephrasing of simple words) to make them sound different, or more sophisticated.

Each highlighted phrase is explained with an example of how to use it. There are also some spin-offs from the phrases used, and these are included in the explanations.

The book also includes some exercises for the student to practise using the given phrases as well as to test the student’s understanding of common phrase. As such, it is definitely a book to take along on composition day.
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