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Primary 1 English

Primary 1 Correct Use of English Grammar
Primary 1 English
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Primary 1 Correct Use of English Grammar

Grammar, the rules by which words change their forms and are combined into sentences, has an important role to play in any language. However, due to its technical nature, it has always been considered a dry, dreary and difficult area. We believe that this impression is unfair, and that grammar can be learnt well if it is presented correctly.
This series therefore emphasizes a communicative approach to the learning of grammar. Using unbelievable scenarios that a child can identify with helps him to understand the language being used, and as a natural consequence, the grammar rules involved.
To this end, the Grammar Gang consisting of Ali, Bob, Chingyi and Devi has been created. They, and their friends, will be guides along the sometimes treacherous path that is English Grammar. They will introduce topics, explain concepts and find themselves in real situations using the grammar item in question. This will lend consistency and familiarity throughout the series, as well as provide helpful examples of how grammar can actually be used daily. The primary purpose of language is after all communication. Our purpose is to show that  with this approach, grammar is easier to learn than you realized! 
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