Primary 5 English Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension Cloze
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Primary 5 English

Primary 5 English Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension Cloze
Primary 5 English
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Primary 5 English Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension Cloze

Students often find cloze passages intimidating and wonder how they can be better prepare for these exercises. The secret is to read widely so as to garner more general knowledge and acquire the vocabulary needed to fill in the blanks.

In this new series, passages covering various subjects such as science, astronomy, current affairs, history, geography, and literature have been included. Apart from honing students’ examination skills, this series also aims to make reading more fun and enjoyable, equipping students with knowledge and a greater understanding of the world around them.

Furthermore, a varied selection of text forms has been added. Narratives and recounts, which students write for their continuous writing in schools, provide scaffolding for their composition writing. Other text forms such as emails, notes and reports are also included to enable students to draw the link between their comprehension skills (Paper 2) and situational writing (Paper 1).

This book is filled with bite-sized reading passages for students to enjoy. It will also be a handy companion in providing students with the practice they need to excel in cloze passages.
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