English Grammar & Editing For Lower Secondary
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Secondary 1 English

English Grammar & Editing For Lower Secondary
Secondary 1 English
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English Grammar & Editing For Lower Secondary

English Grammar and Editing For Lower Secondary Students consists of three sections, namely English Grammar, Editing Examples and Editing Practices.

The book aims at helping secondary one and two students to master English grammar more perfectly and gain confidence in tackling Editing which is a newly added component of the O-level English Examination.

In Editing, students are required to identify grammatical errors in a given passage and make correct changes. In order to be able to do this correctly, students must know English grammar well and have a perfect command of it. Thus, Section A of this book, English Grammar, helps students to revise most important aspects in English grammar. As an experienced English teacher, the author of the book know very well in which areas of English grammar students usually make mistakes (some examples are use of articles, subject-verb agreement and use of tenses) and so explain in details how to grasp these areas correctly with clear explanations and relevant examples and practices.

In Sections B, Editing Examples, the book shows the students how to identify the errors and briefed explanations are given after the answers to explain why those words identified are wrong and how these errors should be corrected. If students study these examples and explanations carefully, they should be able to attempt the practices in Section C with confidence and give correct answers.

Model answers to all practices are provided at the end of the books so that teachers, parents and students can check if the answers given by the students are correct. In order to raise the ability if students in Editing, examples and practices given in this book have different levels of difficulty, in terms of the length of the passages and whether some hints are given.

This book is suitable to be used as homework and as classroom discussion material. After the students have completed a practice, it is hoped that discussion will take place as this will help them to know Editing more effectively and thoroughly and master English grammar more effectively.
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