Phrases for Creative Writing for Primary 5/6
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Primary 5 English

Phrases for Creative Writing for Primary 5/6
Primary 5 English
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Phrases for Creative Writing for Primary 5/6

At last, you can learn to write compositions CREATIVELY and EFFECTIVELY!

‘Phrases For Creative Writing’ is a series of three books meticulously designed for Primary 1&2, Primary 3&4 and Primary 5&6.
They are studiously written by an experienced and highly successful Creative Writing author/trainer to assist you in writing compelling, winning compositions.

You will learn to make your descriptions fresh so that they will move your story forward, imbue your work with atmosphere, and create that tang of feeling your readers crave.

This book contains:
  • 15 examination-oriented topics.
  • A comprehensive and well-defined list of ‘Creative Words & Phrases’ for each topic.
  • 30A * compositions (2 different storylines and writing styles per topic).
‘Phrases For Creative Writing’ is certainly the most awesome, innovative and stimulating Creative Writing series.

Highly recommended for both personal and school use!
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ISBN: 9789814202312
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