Classroom Maths Workbook 4
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Primary 4 Mathematics

Classroom Maths Workbook 4
Primary 4 Mathematics
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Classroom Maths Workbook 4

Classroom Maths Workbook is a series of 6 books specially written with the following objectives in mind:-

(a) To highlight the important and necessary mathematical concepts students must grasp for every topic;
(b) To enable students to apply basic mathematical concepts to multi-step and higher-order thinking questions;
(c) To expose students to a wide variety of creative and critical thinking questions;
(d) To help students gain greater confidence in learning Mathematics as they conscientiously practise the wide variety of questions in this series of workbooks.

This series is written in strict accordance with the latest Ministry of Education’s Primary Mathematics syllabus. Each chapter deals with a particular topic.

The following features are included in each of the topics:-

Know Your Basics
This section enables students to know and grasp all the important and basic mathematical concepts in a particular topic before they proceed to apply these concepts in the next section.

Apply the Concepts
A wide variety of multi-step, higher-order thinking questions and problem sums are included in this section. This is to train students to apply basic mathematical concepts and enhance their analytical abilities as they tackle various types of questions in a particular topic.

Challenge Yourself
Creative and critical thinking questions form the main bulk of this section. Such questions encourage students to think creatively and ‘out of the box’.

Detailed answers are provided at the end of each book. Students should check the answers and make sure they know how to work out all the correct answers in each section before moving on to the next.
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