Classroom Comprehension 6
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Primary 6 English

Classroom Comprehension 6
Primary 6 English
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Classroom Comprehension 6

Books on Reading Comprehension abound. Perhaps too many are available and this makes selection of the right one a difficult task.

CLASSROOM COMPREHENSION is not another one of those ubiquitous series on Comprehension that you find on the shelves of book stores. This exceptional series is unique because it actually teaches students how to answer comprehension questions. An entire section is devoted to teaching tips, which not only give answers but also provides the explanations behind them. These tips help students derive the correct answers as well as explain why some alternatives are incorrect. Most importantly, it teaches students to look for contextual clues so that they are better equipped to tackle future comprehension passages.

This series is an indispensable independent learning guide for students, and one that can also be used by parents who are actively engaged in their child’s learning and development.
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ISBN: 9789814202190
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