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Primary 6 English

Upper Primary English Key to Better Writing
Primary 6 English
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Upper Primary English Key to Better Writing

This book comprises 20 stories which serve to give comprehension coverage of every conceivable crime that we find in our modern society, while avoiding certain sensitive aspects which may not be appropriately assimilated by a younger and less mature mind. Although they are targeted at upper primary school children, with the kind of content and language used, they are also suitable for teens in secondary school.

While the stories are all fictional, some of them are inspired by real-life events and situations, and readers are advised not to regard any detected deviation in a story as a distortion of a fact in a real happening.

Each story comes with words and phrases specially highlighted for the reader’s attention, with accompanying illustrations for their usage other than the way they are used in the stories. Some of these words/phrases are idiomatic while others are just commonplace expressions. However, they all have the same effect of adding ‘colour’ and ‘spice’ to an otherwise plainly-told story, thus making each story more readable and enjoyable.

A separate segment on activities and exercises can be found after the 20 stories. These serve to help readers recall some of the words and phrases they have come across in the stories and further enhance learning, so that readers can comfortably use them for their personal writing tasks.

Readers are also advised to pay attention to the various techniques employed in the stories. Some of the stories may have introductions that are descriptive of the weather and surroundings; others draw the readers’ attention immediately to the scene of the story; yet others begin with a flashback before bringing the readers back to the setting of the story. The crux of a story sometimes appears only towards the end and readers may have to draw their own conclusions for the story.
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