Model Composition Writing Well Primary 5
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Primary 5 English

Model Composition Writing Well Primary 5
Primary 5 English
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Model Composition Writing Well Primary 5

For the Continuous Writing component of the PSLE English Paper 1, pupils are required to write at least 150 words on a given topic. Three pictures will be provided on the topic offering different angles of interpretation. Pupils are also allowed to come up with their own interpretation of the topic.

Pupils often say they face difficulty in writing a composition. For many of them, it’s not because they lack the grammatical skills or are unable to express their ideas, but because they struggle to link the pictures to the given topic. 

However, it is not necessary for all three pictures to be used in a composition. There are many ways to answer the question, as long as the composition clearly addresses the given topic. A variety of text types can be used, from narratives to recounts to expositions, or even hybrid texts – the key is always to stay true to the topic and
be clear and coherent. 

This book has been written to show pupils the range of ideas that is possible for any given topic. It is also meant to be a resource guide showcasing appropriate vocabulary and writing devices that will help pupils to acquire the building blocks for crafting good compositions. Recommended phrases have been made bold and
italicised so pupils can remember and use them appropriately in their own compositions.
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