Topical Diagnostic Mathematics Primary 1
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Primary 1 Mathematics

Topical Diagnostic Mathematics Primary 1
Primary 1 Mathematics
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Topical Diagnostic Mathematics Primary 1

Topical Diagnostic Mathematics is a series of six books specially written for primary pupils based on the Ministry of Education’s New Mathematics Syllabus. Each book contains graded PRE-TESTS, STEP-BY-STEP LEARNING EXERCISES and POST-TESTS designed to help pupils acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills.

Tow achieve the above objective, this series highlights a diagnostic approach to systematic monitoring of pupils’ progress. The PRE-TESTS and POST-TESTS, which are diagnostic in nature, measure the extent of the curriculum on every mathematical concept or skill that a pupil needs to master. Teachers and parents may use these tests to pinpoint pupil’s areas of difficulty. PRE-TESTS and POST-TESTS are parallel tests. Each item in a PRE-TEST corresponds to a similar item in the POST-TEST, both of which assess the same instructional objective.

Having identified areas of need, teachers and parents can then work closely with the pupil to point out his specific mistakes and carry out appropriate remediation. That’s where the STEP-BY-STEP LEARNING exercises come in useful. The pupil’s learning can also be reinforced by giving the pupil additional exercises. This ensures that a particular skill is fully mastered.

This series is a welcome addition to teachers, tutors and parents who can use it to monitor their children’s progress so that their weaknesses can be
remedied in a timely manner.
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