English Language Study Guide Phrases 5
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Primary 5 English

English Language Study Guide Phrases 5
Primary 5 English
Primary 5 English Primary 5 English Primary 5 English
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English Language Study Guide Phrases 5

It is simply putting sentences together, like the way you talk. It is relating what happened yesterday or today, or predicting what will happen some time in the future. The simplest of pictorial writing is the story based on a single picture, where the child is free to think and write about anything that is related to the picture.

  • This book helps the average child to write - from simple stories with more commonly used words to stories that require a little more of your imagination and the introduction of a few more challenging words;
  • This book helps the child to tell a story based on a given scenario - it provides the child with new words and phrases to add to this improving vocabulary, and teaches him to play with words, so that common words can be turned into interesting phrases.
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