Classroom Science Process Skills P5

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Classroom Science Process Skills P5

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In line with the latest MOE syllabus, this book adopts a two-fold approach of developing students' process skills while testing their content knowledge. Key concepts for each topic are highlighted in the summary notes at the beginning of each unit.

The eleven process skills comprise of observing, comparing, classifying, using apparatus and equipment, communicating, inferring, formulating hypotheses, predicting, analysing, generating possibilities and evaluating. These skills are essential tools for students to explore and acquire scientific knowledge within and outside the classroom.

The questions in this book are structured with progressive levels of difficulty to give students practice in the simpler skills, such as observing, before moving on to the more complex skills, such as referring. Challenging questions are also included towards the end of each section of the test papers to provide students the opportunity to apply a combination of these skills.

As students practise and gain proficiency in these process skills, they will be well equipped to understand the concepts, principles and theories covered in each unit.


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