Draw with Me Cats

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Preschool Draw with Me for Ages 4-6 Book 3: Cats

Product Code: KDWM3
ISBN: 9789814960526
Weight: 0.18kg
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Draw with Me is a series of drawing and activity books suitable for children from 4-6 years old. The series consists of four books that focus on specific themes that are relatable to the preschoolers (Head and Faces, Dogs, Cats and Birds). The book provides a variety of fun and enjoyable activities that are easy to complete. The instructions are simple and step-by-step guidance are provided for the drawings.

By completing the book, the children will be exposed to essential skills, such as improving their fine motor skills, aesthetic and creative expression and language skills. Each activity has the potential to spark creativity while incorporating other learning areas thus adding to the children’s holistic development.


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