Empower Your Grammar For Secondary Students

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Empower Your Grammar For Secondary Students

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The aim of writing this book is to help teachers and parents to diagnose students’ weaknesses in English grammar so that remedial action can be taken immediately to help them to improve the areas they are weak in. As known to all of us, English is an important, if not the most important subject. If students can raise the standard of English through correct grammar, we are certain that they have won more than half of the battle.

This book is collectively designed by a few extremely experienced English teachers, each of whom has taught English in secondary schools for more than 30 years. Their vast experience in teaching English makes this book very relevant to students’ learning. The writers know extremely well students’ difficulties and problems in learning English. Many of the questions designed in this book are based on common mistakes made by students. It is hoped that by doing the practices in this book, students will avoid making the same mistakes and raise the standard of their English.

The questions designed cover all aspects in English grammar, from nouns to verbs and from phrases to compound and complex sentences. The contents in the questions have a wide coverage as well. Daily conversations, newspaper reports, scientific facts, school activities and other themes which are relatable to students’ school life are used in the questions so as to arouse students’ interest in attempting the questions. The assessments are intended to have different levels, suitable for students from Secondary One to Secondary Four in the express stream and Secondary Five in the normal stream. Answers are provided at the end of the book. Teachers, parents and students can refer to them immediately after completing the practice. We would like to suggest that teachers and parents take necessary steps to help the students to improve the areas they are constantly weak in.


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