Lower Block PSLE Science P.I.C.K. the right answers

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Lower Block PSLE Science P.I.C.K. the right answers

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A good grasp of content knowledge and answering techniques are essential for students to excel in Science examinations. Many students have a wealth of content knowledge. However, without a systematic approach in tackling examination questions, they may have difficulty discerning the crux of the question and applying the relevant knowledge in their answers. As a result, precious marks are lost over wrong or incomplete answers.

The P.I.C.K. Skills in Science series aims to help students bridge the gap between knowledge and application by equipping them with both the content knowledge as well as the techniques required to analyze and answer examination questions. Each chapter is preceded by a summary of key concepts and keywords for the topic. Students are then guided to solve the questions which follow using a systematic approach, summarized by the acronym PICK. In this method, students are trained to use Process skills to identify important Information in the questions and relate it to the Concepts tested. They are then taught to incorporate the relevant Keywords in their answers.

The exercises in this book help the students to revise, recall and reinforce the key concepts for each topic. As students work through the questions using the PICK template, they will also be trained to tackle each question systematically. This builds their confidence in applying this method to solve unfamiliar questions which they may encounter in future.

Step-by-step worked solutions are provided for every question to demonstrate how students can PICK out the relevant concepts and keywords to arrive at their final answer. Like a personal tutor, this book guides the student every step of the way in developing the necessary skills for acing Science examinations.


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