Primary Science MCQ with National Education Questions Lower Block (Primary 3/4)

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Primary Science MCQ with National Education Questions Lower Block (Primary 3/4)

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In recent years, the percentage of multiple-choice questions in the Primary Science paper has increased. Such questions test not just the pupil's understanding of concepts learnt, but also flag up existing misconceptions, if any. It is vital for the pupil to not simply know the right answer, but more importantly, why the right answer is such. With this in mind, we have explained all the answers for the extensive MCQ practice made available in this book.

National Education was launched in 1997 as a vital component of the education process in Singapore schools. The purpose of National Education is to develop national cohesion and a sense of national identity among students. It hopes to help pupils better appreciate the concept of nationhood by educating them about our unique history, culture, values and instinct for survival. This book was also conceptualized to bring together Singapore's unique identity and Science education.

Not only will pupils learn more about their nation, they will also get ample practice in answering exam-type structured questions. All the questions are based on the latest Singapore Primary Science syllabus. May the pupils who use this book improve in their grades for Science, while learning more about the country. The result is a more informed and intelligent pupil, ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


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